People Haters of the World Unite!

Join with us or piss off and go back to your miserable lives…

finger-rightfingerFor the record, YOU SUCK TOO, but you’ll suck less if you become a member or buy some of our shit.

What kind of crap do we have? Stickers, shirts, some other junk.
Not a huge selection since we didn’t think you were worth the effort to make it…

About the I Hate People Club:


◘ No meetings ever (I hate meetings)
◘ No forum on this site (because people on those suck!)
◘ No obligations (I don’t need you bugging me constantly)

◘ Just give us your money for our awesome products, then bug off…


We’re not prejudice, we hate everyone equally… see proof below…


Number of White People We HATE


Number of Black People We HATE


Number of Asian People We HATE


Number of Other People We HATE

Just because YOU may HATE People as much as we do, don’t even think that that makes us buddies/pals/etc., as YOU are still People… and we Hate People… And you IS one… so don’t expect to be treated any differently while YOU are browsing thru this website… cause we HATE YOU too… Show us how much you HATE us back by getting some of our stickers & sticking them on stuff! Or acquire a new t-shirt & wear it on your ugly ass out in public! Go ahead… I dare you to do it…

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