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Kids Stuff!?

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We have all the goods —bags, hats and even super-ugly socks to go with your sandals!

Other Crap

We got all creative and named this part of the website “other crap” because it was fitting.

What the F#@% is this club!?

The IHP Club was created because, well, we noticed that a lot of people were also fed up with, well, people just like us.
We don’t put up with any racism or shit like that because we hate all people equally!
Just for the record, you suck too, but you’ll suck a little less if you buy some of our crap.


White People


Yellow People


Brown People


Green People

  • Work & Coworkers 170%
  • Crowds at Events 99.6%
  • Animals and Nature 0.1%
  • People in General 99.8%
  • Grocery Shopping 100%
  • Waiting in Line 100.6%

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