We get it; you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your friend who is a bit of an asshole. You want something that will show them how much they mean to you and make them laugh at the same time. Well, we have the answer! We picked our favorite vulgar coffee cups because any asshat on your list will love them. These funny items come in all shapes and sizes with naughty words like “Eat Shit & Die” or “Go Fuck Yourself” with a cute rainbow design.

Everyone knows how expensive funny gifts are, so if you want something unique without breaking the bank, this might be your best bet or at least spark some ideas.

Mohawk John’s favorite gifts for that asshole who loves coffee

Your Sassy, fun-loving friend

You don’t often see other people using anything but a regular coffee cup. So why not fight the norm and show everyone you mean business? This incredibly sassy mug will have your boss respecting you for who you are!

It features a cartoon rainbow and the words “Go Fuck Yourself.” In addition, the ceramic design offers insulation for hot drinks so that it can keep your beverage at optimal drinking temperature.

This coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. So if you’re looking for a gift to give your boss or funny friend who sometimes needs a little reminder of what they need to do with their day, then this is the perfect present at an excellent price! It’s also great for dads at Father’s Day, moms on Mother’s day, or any occasion where you want to make someone smile with a funny gift.


Your friend who loves to be condescending

Some people love coffee more than life itself. I know that for a fact because I’m one of them. So this mug speaks to all the coffee lovers out there, and it states, “I Hate You As Much As I Love Coffee” in bold black letters.

We designed this mug to help your best friend express how they feel in a fun, condescending way. Who needs a heart-shaped box of chocolates anyways when you have “I HATE YOU AS MUCH AS I LOVE COFFEE!” on the front of a mug? This white ceramic coffee cup was designed by me, Mohawk John in Detroit, Michigan —Woop! Woop! (This is in my weekly rotation)


Your dino-loving friend

Here at I Hate People Club, we offer many types of vulgar gifts, and the one thing they all share is their ability to bring a smile to someone’s face.

This mug is perfect for the boss, colleague, friend, or enemy who needs to be told how it is in a snarky but kind way. The 11oz size fits most standard cup holders, and the 15 oz will make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of mugs —especially if they love dinosaurs. And if you’re stuck on what size to get, buy them both and keep one for yourself. This design is part of our Cuteness Collection.


The “upper management” friend gift

It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 AM or 2 PM—there are no bosses before this mug! This playful yet empowering design will keep spirits high and remind everyone who is the boss!

Let this coffee cup speak for itself (NOTE: the 15oz option sells better because life is hard when you are in charge of idiots). It features rainbow text and the vulgar saying “Fucker In Charge of you Fucking Fucks”. It’s a great gift to give to your boss, manager, or friend who owns a business.


For that friend who always finds the down side

Feed your hatred for humanity with this awesome coffee mug. Of course, you’ll drink it all the same, but at least they’l feel smug in diagnosing society with an incurable condition. Don’t take our word for it. Just ask Professor Phil: “I’m such a misanthropist that I no longer care about myself.” (I just made that shit up, but it sounds nice, right?)

Hate the world; I love your mug. Now, that’s what we call a Misanthropist! No soul-soothing exploration of introspective self-diagnosis here – hate towards everyone and everything in “my way or the highway” style. Your friend is going to swear to never smile again with this misanthropic mug on hand! Accept no substitutes.

Did someone come to mind while reading this?
If so, then this is the perfect gift for them (or maybe yourself).


Your scientific road-rage buddy

You know how those people who drive in front of you are constantly texting? You’ve seen them. They’re all over the road, and nose pressed to the tiny screen, knuckles white on the wheel, and oblivious to their surroundings because they don’t want reality interrupting their feed. We’ve got you covered with this 11oz or 15oz coffee mug that has more space for cream than a toddler has for ice cream.


This one is perfect for smokey the bear

Hatred and nicotine have never tasted so good. This mug is stealthy at first glance. The exterior of this mug may have its secrets hidden, but once coffee enters, they all unravel -even if only for a brief moment.

The Hatred and Nicotine – Matte Black Magic Mug is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys their coffee with a side of sarcasm. It also makes an excellent graduation present or Mother’s Day gift for that smoker in your life! And even if you can’t think of anything else to get someone, it’s always nice to have something that will make them laugh.


The “I don’t know what to get for you” 37-year-old single in your life

Humor up their dull mornings with this hilarious dishwasher and microwave-safe mug. It’s the perfect funny cup for a friend or relative! The message is printed in white on a black background and glossy to show off that feeling of being dead inside but still horney. It’s perfect if you know someone who needs to laugh or maybe has just had enough of life. This mug makes a great men’s gag gift that calls it how it is. There is a variation of this design with a unicorn on it as well. Check it out.


Great gift for your buddy who’s still all “fuck the system”

What better way to start your day than with a mug that says “Eat Shit”? The perfect gift for anyone who is about that anarchist or punk rock lifestyle. Available in 4 different colors to choose from. The mug features artwork with a pig that says “Eat Shit – Kill And Destroy” on the outside. It comes in various colors so there is something for everyone. I personally like the black one the most. (hint hint, wink wink)


Perfect for any introvert in your life

We designed this mug for the day drinker in your life or that friend who doesn’t like people. The I Hate People Antisocial – Colored Vodka Mug is sure to be a big hit! Help your morning coffee ritual get a lot more interesting with this ceramic mug with a colorful rim, handle, and inside. Drape yourself in decadence with a splash of vodka to complement your cuppa! Dishwasher safe and microwave safe – no handwashing necessary! They’re going to love this one especially if you show them that it is actually called a vodka mug. If you dig this design we also have other things like shirts and a hat with it. Check them out here: https://ihatepeople.club/product-tag/antisocial/


Our C U N T coffee mug is great for anyone

We all have the one friend who takes things a bit farther than they should—says the wrong thing at the wrong time. But, of course, you know precisely the kind of person I’m talking about. They’re the one who does things that make you cringe. Well, this is a mug for them! With the word “C U N T” on it. This mug will undoubtedly spice up their cup rack and make them smile every time they pull it out!

The “C U Next Tuesday” Mug is a ceramic mug with a white print area and colored rim, inside, and handle. The height of this mug is about four inches tall (10 centimeters), with a diameter of just under four inches across (8.5 centimeters). This mug is also dishwasher safe as well as microwave safe. So add some color to their morning vocabulary!


For your loud and proud homie

For people who like to wake up with something smooth and sippable on the side, here’s one for you — a way to say “good morning!” in style. QUEERAF is perfect for those who enjoy showing off their colors both inside and out or for those looking to express themselves creatively during tea time. So put some color on your coffee table with this groovy mug! We (clearly) designed this mug for the LGBTQ+ community. The rainbow-colored print looks just fab in all the available colors. We move quite a bit of the blue and yellow options.


This is clearly a gift for Karen

Everyone likes to say that the shitty lady at the store is named Karen. Well, not all Karen’s are shitty, and they are sick of being put down. This one was designed with our friend in mind. It’s a home run for anyone named Karen—I promise! Also, fuck you!


Are you with me? Pretty good gifts—no?

I hope you found the perfect gift idea for that hard to buy for person in your life. If not, don’t worry because we have many other hilarious items you can check out! Remember, there is no such thing as too much humor, and good friends are always worth it. Happy shopping!

-Mohawk John