FU Hidden Message – Towel



It’s like a magic trick at the beach – just watch all the burned-out soccer moms’ faces light up with despise when they catch this out the corner of their eye.

This design is a top-seller, and for good reason – because everyone wants to feel like they’re in on a secret that no one else knows.

This white beach towel has a green block print that makes no sense at first glance; it doesn’t even look like complete letters!

But, when folded just so -Voila! Fuck You!

Truth be told, this is the only item that I have ever voluntarily wanted to fold.

…cool, right?

We think so. But only because we’re in on the secret!

• Available in one size: 30″ x60″
• 52% cotton, 48% polyester
• Made in China. Printed in the USA
• Printed on one side only
• The non-printed side is made of terry fabric, making the towel more water-absorbent

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Weight 0.42 lbs


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