I’m a non-evangelical religious person– Roman Catholic. Born and reproduced, not going to alter, smells and bells Catholic. However I get individuals happening that believe that my brand name of faith isn’t the best one, and that it’s their heaven-sent responsibility to bring me to the Truth. Gag me. People suck, don’t let them suck you in if it’s wrong for you.

For example, there are the Jehovah’s Witnesses that came around my area simply the other week. The regional Kingdom Hall is only about 2 miles away, so that makes us a quite fair target. The good news is the latest time I was able to turn them away with a “Sorry, we’re Catholic and like it”. The Mormons are a lot more difficult to obtain rid of, partially because they send these young, earnest looking kids (typically guys, but I’ve met young females too) who truly desire to conserve your soul. They’re so happy that somebody hasn’t knocked the door that they’ll speak to you about anything, just to keep you talking. And once you’ve talked to them, you’re on “The List.” The List that the missionaries consult when they pertain to the area, to see who has the prospective to be a transform, IF ONLY somebody will lead the method. So every few months, you can rely on freshly scrubbed, nicely dressed Mormons to appear at your door, all set to explain why Joseph Smith and Jesus craved my sins.

My hubby’s favorite thing to do is aim to assert that we’re Satanists or Atheists, just to stun them into leaving. The basic idea of “people are stupid” goes into the mind, so this may work to get them out of here. Exactly what he doesn’t understand is that for missionaries and true evangelicals, this is the Moment Of Truth. This is exactly what they’ve been training for! Do you safeguard the faith, proselytize to the wicked, and transform the non-believers to the Truth, or will you be a morally backsliding wimp? So any time someone says that they attempt that, I ask them for how long it required to get rid of their missionaries. Usually it’s at least half an hour, and I do not have time to squander that way– I have Facebook for that!

Truthfully, I think the sneakiest ones are the ones that put these cute little comic strip books into my kids Halloween bags– the ones that state Catholics are not Christians, however you sweet youngsters can become REAL Christians simply by saying this little prayer at the back of this comic book! I understand which house it is, and every year I have to resist the desire to egg their car. And I can’t even think of how hard it is for my buddies who are actual Atheists– though I think they look at it as comedy product. (Hey, wait a minute … )

As far as I’m worried, my church is fantastic, and if you wish to drop in I’ll give you the information for joining, but I’m not going to go around in the Spanish Inquisition outfit demanding that you join or pass away. I hate people like that. Our church overcame that phase a while earlier.