It never cannot surprise me the number of individuals will bald-face lie. In some cases it’s to get out of difficulty, often they’re attempting to get away with something they’re doing (and want to keep doing), however in some cases I’ve fulfilled individuals who lie for no reason that I can tell – other than to mess with other individuals. I hate people periodically.

My mother works for a church, and among their fundraising efforts is offering present cards to numerous stores around the location– the stores give them in between a 3% and 5% cut on each gift card, so some people will do all their Christmas shopping this method. They know exactly what stores they’ll be shopping in, so they purchase the gift cards to spend for their Christmas gifts, and the church gets a good little cut. Cool, best? The cards are sent out on loan, so after they’re offered the business get paid their 95%-97%.

So my mama gets a call from a female hoping to buy some gift cards prior to the office closes, and begs them to stay open late. No issue, they don’t mind. The woman breezes in, has a whole long story about how she almost got lost on the method, she’s so thankful she might arrive on time, her kids and grandkids are going to have a good Christmas if she can help it, and so on. My mom remained in the next room when they processed the sale, when she came out, discovered that the female had actually paid by check. The worker hadn’t believed to ensure it was good– it was a bad check for $400. That’s money the church had to cover – and mother’s church was not the only one she had run this fraud on! Thankfully she had the ability to spread out the word to the other churches in the area, and made sure she could not do it again. Now they run a look up on checks over a certain amount. People suck often.
When someone has a really intricate story about why something failed, 8 times in 10 they’re doing the old magician’s technique– misdirection. (The other 2 are either over-sharers or insane).

The other day I was stuck at my medical professional’s workplace with a dead vehicle battery, and the AAA man was helping me out. This odd looking person comes stalking from the office, spots the reality that my hood was up, and marches over to inform me which garage I must go to. Then he begins an 8 minute long story about how he’s a doctor (household specialist), he was just into see the dental expert, and the dental expert said he had a healed mouth ulcer, and that as a doctor he knew that might suggest cancer, but the dental professional never ever mentioned it, and he got mad and spoke at the end of the go to that he wouldn’t even care if the dental professional DID inform him he had cancer, and …

Oh my Lord. His story was more complete of holes than a Thirty Years old pair of pants, but I didn’t dare open my mouth due to the fact that it would be considered encouragement to continue his story. I finally mumbled something about “Need to get house to the kids”, and the guy stalked off, probably to try to find the next pair of ears to assault. If that guy ever had an MD, I actually hope his license was withdrawed after he started having verbal diarrhea.
Some people are mean, greedy, and nasty. Some people are stupid. Others are simply whackadoos. Beware for all of them.