I Hate People Stickers

(hurry up, buy them, then leave our site, we’re tired of seeing you keep coming back here)

4″ I Hate People (image of people – IHP logo) sticker. Would look GREAT on the back window of your car, or wherever the hell you decide to stick it.
Probably will pull out the hair on your ass if you put it there… freaks….

$5 each, shipped. Get 6 for $20 shipped.

[spread the word about the IHP Club – receive 20 stickers for just $50!]

Order a bunch right now, cause we really don’t want to keep processing all of your stupid orders on a daily basis.

4″ People SUCK sticker. Only comes in the color red, since I’ve got more important things to do than make them in different colors to suit your needs, I’m more important than you, so take it or leave it…

$5 each, shipped. Get 6 for $20 shipped.

Buy a few of these, put them in highly visible places… Just to piss people off…

4″ People are STUPID sticker. this ones on red vinyl too (see WHY above).

You should buy a lot of these, mainly because you’re dumb enough to do so & I need the money …

$5 each, shipped. Get 6 for $20 shipped.

Buy at least a dozen of these. just to prove how stupid people really are…

4″ I Hate People Club sticker. As shown. Want a different color? Too bad, it’s red.

You need to buy at least 6 of these. Why? Because read the first 9 words in this sentence.

$5 each, shipped. Get 6 for $20 shipped.

These stickers make awesome gifts for the people that love you the most…
(I have no idea who could possibly love you, all things considered, but, ya know… jus’ sayin…)

4″ Finger sticker. This ones for TRUE haters!

I respect your decision. Now order 10-20 of these.

$5 each, shipped. Get 6 for $20 shipped.

These stickers make memorable gifts for your co-workers…
(put these in a gift box & make sure you leave the “from” part blank on the card)

8″ Watch out for the IDIOT behind me sticker.

(nothing could be more truer for the person reading it in the car behind you)

Buy 2 of these, one for each side of your cars rear bumper.

$5 each, shipped. Get 2 for $10 shipped!

Have you seen our I Hate People Shirts ???