Referral Cards for ASSociates

These COOL looking business card type referral cards are an easy way to help you generate commissions for the IHP Club.

You simply write your affiliate ID in the space provided & hand them out.
Or paste them up on local bulletin boards (like at the grocery store, etc.).
Or leave some by the door at restaurants (where they have those free papers at).
Ask gas station or convenience stores if you can set some on their counter by the register.

Make sure you always have a few in your wallet or purse, as you never know when the opportunity will arise to pass one out to someone!

The backside has some discount codes that your referrals can use – tell them they can save $$$ by using them when they order!

We are making them available to you at at our cost to assist you in your efforts!
(see, we don’t  always  hate people… just most of the time…)