Regular Douchebag IHP Membership



Join the I Hate People Club & get this worldly famous junk as described from this page:
Join The Hater Club

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Here’s the crap you get with this membership level:

◘ 4″ round decal (IHP club logo)

◘ another 4″ round decal (People Suck)

◘ 4″ rectangle decal (People are Stupid)

◘ yet another decal (4″ square I Hate People .Club)

◘ Official Membership Card to put in your wallet, carry it around, impress your friends!
(oh, wait, you don’t have any since you’re a loser…)

◘ 8.5″ x 11″ Frameable Wall Certificate with your name on it stating you’re a Certified Useless Member of the IHP Club


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