Stand up & show the world

(even though YOUR World is very tiny)

that you actually do hate people!

(AKA get a backbone, grow a spine…)


Join the I Hate People Club & get all this crap we threw together (in less than 5 minutes since that’s about all the time you’re worth) with your membership.


There’s 2 membership choices depending on how much stuff you want.
We suggest you not be a douchebag but a moron instead… but it’s your call… choose wisely… if you’re able to that is…


[all the useless shit you get is pictured on the right side, or below if you’re on a phone or tablet and wasting your data plan by viewing this rubbish…]



Douchebag Membership

  • 4″ round decal (IHP club logo)
  • another 4″ round decal (People Suck)
  • 4″ rectangle decal (People are Stupid)
  • yet another decal (4″ square I Hate People .Club)
  • Official Membership Card to put in your wallet, carry it around, impress your friends! (oh, wait, you don’t have any since you’re a loser…)
  • 8.5″ x 11″ Frameable Wall Certificate with your name on it stating you’re a Certified Useless Member of the IHP Club (nobody but you {or your mom} will see it, but whatever…)
I want to be a Douchebag!

Here’s the garbage that you’ll get
because you’re stupid enough to
sign up to be an IHP club member:

And NO, FREE Shipping IS NOT included on all orders… jerk!

The above LIFETIME membership fees are a one-time only charge, because we can only put up with your ass one-time.


Michigan residents must pay sales tax on all items herein.


[if you need more stickers  GO HERE  or just go away…]